Hybrid energy

Hybrid energy solutions provide substantial electricity and cost savings, typically ranging from 25%-30% (without any storage) to more than 70% in very remote locations with elevated diesel prices.

Our patented and reliable hybrid solution, Hybrid Wizard™, is the first to maximise, in real time, renewable energy penetration, in any combination of wind, photovoltaic solar and battery storage, for new or existing diesel systems.

A self-adaptive and automated solution, Hybrid Wizard™ provides users with the ability to constantly monitor grid stability and manages generators in real-time. Operators benefit from less fuel consumption, a lower cost per kWh and short payback time, while also ensuring grid stability and power quality at any time.

With years of significant experience in completing hybrid projects in areas of weak grid integration, it led us to develop this innovative software-based solution, Hybrid Wizard™, to meet our customers’ needs.

We can help you plan your complete renewable energy project. From the early development stages to securing financial solutions, Vergnet ensures you get the most from your investment in the long term.